Futures Tech Established in the 1980s, we are a major financial centre in the Asia Pacific region with a strong and credible presence. Our main business activities are asset management, international financing, currency exchange, financial trading, property investment and insurance advisory.
The core areas in the Asia-Pacific region of the world's three major international financial centers are well regulated, free trade, tax incentives, and all abide by the spirit of the contract. As a duly registered and licensed gold trader, the Group maintains the highest professional ethical standards and industry conduct at all times, and is subject to strict rules and regulations. The Group aims to become a global radiation, connectivity Asia Pacific, with international core competitiveness of the online trading interface port, so that all participating investors and partners in the investment or business process can be sustainable development and can accurately grasp the global gold market, each volatile investment opportunities. At present, Futures Tech Financial Group has been accepted by the industry and the majority of customers, and widely highly appreciated, and has established an excellent and stable corporate image.

Corporate Mission


Futures Tech As a people-oriented and customer-focused professional precious metals broker, the Group is committed to providing diversified market information and investor education services while providing professional and reliable financial investment services and trading platforms for global investors. Combining the company's strong capital strength and relying on Hong Kong as an international financial center, the Group has a stable political situation, free trade policies, a strong legal foundation and a sound financial mechanism to build a nationwide and connected Asia-Pacific online electronic trading platform with international core competitiveness.


Company Business


Futures Tech Bullion Limited is currently a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (HKGTS) AA Class 19, relying on the HKGTS's 100-year history of excellence, Futures Tech Group strictly follows its rules and regulations, reviewing its internal team members, fairness, transparency, accurate transaction prices, thereby maximizing its competitiveness. To protect the interests of users and ensure the fairness of the transaction process.


corporate governance


As a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society, Futures Tech Bullion Limited is a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society and is regulated by the Hong Kong Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society. The company provides the service measures, such as trading code for verification of transaction records, historical quotation data query, so that the transparency of trading is effectively protected.


Group Mission


Futures Tech Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group has been providing quality platform services for gold investors in many regions around the world for many years. Hong Kong has an advantageous geographical location, a clean and efficient government, a highly free economy, a simple and transparent tax system and a large pool of professional talents, making it one of the most competitive in the world. At the same time, by virtue of its favorable time zone, Hong Kong fills the blank trading period between the gold market before the opening of the New York market and after the London market is closed, making the global gold market a unified and coherent whole!


Group Culture